TV celebs told how the Corona era changed the meaning of freedom - know who said what

TV celebs told how the Corona era changed the meaning of freedom – know who said what

This 12 months, the celebration of Independence Day has been the most completely different since 1947. For the first time, individuals didn’t collect in the crowd to hoist the nationwide flag and sing the nationwide anthem collectively. This pageant celebrated with social distancing as a consequence of Covid-19 was fairly private this time. Bollywood celebrities additionally saved this in thoughts.

What does freedom imply on this time of lockdown? Some tv actors shared their views on this.

Actress Divyanka Tripathi said, “The definition of freedom has definitely changed this year. We are all restricted to our homes. We are taking utmost care for security. Now we have the ability to travel as carelessly as before, there is no freedom to work. On the other hand, it has changed us in a positive way. Most of the Indians were dependent on others for household chores. Now we are learning how to manage between our career and household chores. ”

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Actress Asha Negi, who performs Gauravi in ​​’Barish’, says, “Society has become more liberal now than ever before, people are outspoken about their beliefs and openly talking about it. As far as independence is concerned, So it is important that the women of this country feel safe all the time. Many of us still do not have the option to wear our dreams or to dream. In 2020 we will definitely have freedom over these issues is required.”

Actress Suchitra Pillai feels that the definition of freedom has undoubtedly changed this 12 months as everybody has felt like being jailed.

She said, “Definitely the definition of freedom for anyone these days is only that they can take fresh air and roam in open spaces. I want that I can start working more quickly.”

Tusshar Kapoor said, “The lockdown imposed by the epidemic has redefined the meaning of freedom. The new meaning of freedom for me is to align with new circumstances and feel free. Also to be productive and positive. Enjoying life together and paying attention to cleanliness and safety to prevent epidemics. This will not only help us individually but also collectively. ”

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