#WeloveRCB Trending on twitter

As IPL’s inauguration draws closer, people’s support for their teams is increasing again. In this sequence, #WeLoveRCB is trending on Twitter today.
Royal Challenger Banglore is getting the love of the people. Let us tell you that till date, RCB has not won the IPL trophy even once. But three times this team has played IPL finals in the captaincy of three different captains.

So this year, the team’s supporters have full expectation that the team will win the IPL 2020 to be held in the UAE and it will take possession of the trophy and fulfill the dream of the team’s supporters

Today RCB has released a video of Virat Kohli, in which Kohli is seen practicing catch. RCB will also put their full force this year to come back home by winning the trophy

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