The Passion of winning the IPL Trophy in all the teams

All teams have now started their mind game. As the time for the IPL 2020 begins, it is likely to increase further.
Whether Mumbai Indians or Royal Challengers Banglore or Chennai Super Kings, all want to be ahead in this mind game.
Today, Mumbai Indians has uploaded a video from its Twitter handle, in which they have tried to show the strength of their bowlers and batsmen.

Rajasthan Royals have also uploaded a video titled Killer Miller, in which Miller is seen hitting the ball in the nets. This video is from Miller’s first day of practice on the net.

Royal Challenger Bangalore is also not behind any other team in this matter. Today again RCB shared the video and picture of his players’ Nets practice on Twitter.
In a post, Royal Challenger Bangalore mentioned Yuzvendra Chahal, RCB’s highest wicket-taking bowler, and wrote -” Our highest wicket-taker is pumped up and ready to spin his web all over in the Dream11 IPL!”

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