Parijat Tree What is the specialty of 'Parijat' tree, PM did plantation before Ram temple land worship

Parijat Tree Significance, Parijat Tree Benefits: Before worshiping Ram Temple Bhoomi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi planted the Parijat tree at the website of Ram Janmabhoomi. Parijat is additionally recognized by the names Harsingar, Rani of the evening, Shefali, Shiuli, and so forth. Its botanical title is ‘Nyctanthis arborists’ and in English, it is known as Night Jasmine. Parijat has a particular and sacred place in Hinduism.

It is stated that the Parijat tree originated throughout Samudra Manthan and it was discovered to the gods. Indra planted it in her backyard in heaven. According to mythological perception, after the slaughter of Narakasura, Indra offered the flower of Parijat to Sri Krishna, which he gave to Goddess Rukmini. Goddess Satyabhama was blessed by Devmata Aditi from Devlok to Chirauvan. But attributable to the affect of Parijat Pushp, Goddess Rukmini additionally grew to become an fool, figuring out that Satyabhama grew to become indignant and insisted on bringing Parijat tree from Shri Krishna. After this, Shri Krishna needed to convey Parijat to the earth.

The flowers of Parijat are used particularly for Lakshmi Pujan however solely these flowers are used which routinely break down from the tree and fall down. The flowers of Parijat bloom solely at evening and by the morning all of them wither away. Parijat’s flower is additionally utilized in the worship and worship of Lord Hari.

Ram Janmabhoomi Photo: This is how the Ram temple Bhoomi Pooja has a glimpse, the divinity and grandeur

State flower of West Bengal
The tree of Parijat is normally 10 to 15 toes tall. But generally its peak is additionally 25 to 30 toes. Beautiful and aromatic flowers are utilized on it. Only 5 species of it are discovered worldwide. Parijat flower is the official flower of West Bengal. Parijats are present in giant numbers in the Terai area of the Himalayas.

Also has medicinal properties
The flowers, leaves, and bark of Parijat are additionally used as drugs. It is thought of very useful for coronary heart illnesses. It is additionally thought of efficient in dry cough.


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