The Passion of winning the IPL Trophy in all the teams

RCB captain Virat Kohli gave a strong message to his teammates and said that we have to strictly follow the bio secured bubble. Virat Kohli has also said further that we have not come here to roam but to play great cricket. To all the players of his team, Virat Kohli said that we should be serious about Corona.

Virat Kohli has said that this is not a time in which we have come here to roam. We have all come here to play cricket and we have to stay and play here, strictly following the bio-secured bubble in this difficult period of Corona. We are privileged to play in the moment we are all passing. We should take this matter seriously and strictly follow the rules.

All the RCB players are now fully engaged in rigorous practice. Virat Kohli also practiced fiercely on the net today. Virat Kohli has bat today after five months and said that I feel very good. The entire RCB team goes to the nets for practice from their hotel during the night.

RCB fiercely practiced

Mumbai Indians also spent a lot of time in practice and gym.

Rohit Sharma is also practicing heavily with his entire team. Mumbai Indians, the champions of IPL 2014, have shared a video of their captain Rohit Sharma on Twitter, in which he is seen playing different shots. It looks like all the teams are feeling good by returning to the nets.

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