The well-known and standard poet Rahat Indori, who’s sure by numerous highly effective poem like ‘रहने को सदा दुनिया मे आता नही कोई…आप जैसे गए वैसे भी जाता नही कोई’ Died as a result of cardiac arrest has left this world today. Recently COVID-19 take a look at of Rahat Saab got here optimistic after which he was admitted to Aurobindo Hospital. Rahat Sahab Fans have been conscious of this via tweets on his official Twitter deal with. At the identical time, details about his dying has additionally been given via a tweet on his official Twitter deal with.

After the Covid 19 Test optimistic of Rahat Indauri, everybody was praying for him, however Rahat Indauri has left this world eternally. Everyone is aware of how massive and well-known poet was Rahat Indori. The individual of all ages was loopy about his poetry. What love, rise up, patriotism, hatred… Rahat Sahab was an knowledgeable in every kind of poetry.

Rahat sahab’s departure is a shock on the earth of poetry, in addition to a shock to his followers fond of poetry. People are paying tribute to him by tweeting on social media and sharing their well-known shares on Twitter.

मगर हद से गुज़र जाने का नईं बुलाती है मगर जाने का नईं

वो दुनिया है उधर जाने का नईं

ज़मीं रखना पड़े सर पर तो रक्खो चलो हो तो ठहर जाने का नईं

है दुनिया छोड़ना मंज़ूर लेकिन वतन को छोड़ कर जाने का नईं

जनाज़े ही जनाज़े हैं सड़क पर अभी माहौल मर जाने का नईं

मिरे बेटे किसी से इश्क़ कर मगर हद से गुज़र जाने का नईं।

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