Sexual harassment case Mahesh Bhatt appeared in the online hearing, NCW angry over Mouni-Urvashi's absence

The National Commission for ladies (NCW) on Tuesday recorded statements of several witnesses, including Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, director Mahesh Bhatt, about the person who sexually harassed women and his company in the name of being given a modeling opportunity. A company called IMG Ventures allegedly sexually harassed and blackmailed women. The Commission expressed displeasure over the absence of Urvashi Rautela and Mouni Roy. “Mouni Roy and Urvashi Rautela didn’t attend the scheduled hearing despite several instructions sent by us,” the commission said during a tweet.
The commission had issued summons to Mahesh Bhatt, Sonu Sood, Urvashi Rautela, Mouni Roy, Ranvijay Singh, Prince Narula, and Isha Gupta after taking cognizance of a complaint filed by Yogita Bhayana, founder of People’s Against Rapes (Pari) in India.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt appeared for the hearing online. Bhatt has assured the Commission of full cooperation in this matter. “As a father of three girls, I respect this step taken by Yogita and therefore the National Commission for ladies and can extend my full support for this,” she said.
He denied any connection with IMG Ventures or Sunny Verma and said, “I have neither compromised nor taken money for this work. Unfortunately my name and photo taken from social media regarding this incident are abused.
NCW recorded the statements of witnesses during the online hearing and now it will prepare a report based on its findings. According to the complaint, IMG Ventures promoter Sunny Verma allegedly blackmailed and sexually abused several women on the pretext of giving them modeling opportunities.

Pabhayana said in her complaint, “Many TV and film actors are promoting her company through a video advertisement.”

The company was also charging an entry fee of Rs 2950 to show itself as nude. After the girls applied, Sunny Verma’s female colleagues allegedly suggested her to pose her nude photos to get a better ranking in the competition.

The complaint said, “After taking nude photos, Sunny used to ask girls to give nude videos. He used to sexually harass them in the name of making a career in modeling and winning in competition.”

In her complaint, Bhayana further said, “I have received many letters, messages and audio clips from Sunny Verma and IMG from several girls as evidence. The girls have said that their names and identities should not be disclosed. Screen shots and audio call records of his chat with Verma have also been shared. These chats prove the allegations against Sunny Verma to be true. “

Yesterday, Mahesh Bhatt also posted his case on Instagram. Mahesh Bhatt wrote that he is happy that the Women’s Commission is doing its job, Mahesh Bhatt also stated in the statement that he has nothing to do with IMG Venture Sunny Verma and Mr. & Mrs. Glamor 2020. Mahesh said- My name and position have been misused for promotion. Mahesh Bhatt said that he is 71 years old and believes in sharing knowledge and supporting social issues. I am the father of three daughters and I promise to extend my full support to Miss Yogita and the Women’s Commission.

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