Tick-Borne Virus: New virus knocking in China after Covid-19, 7 killed; Risk of spreading from animals to humans

Risk of spreading from animals to humans
Risk of spreading from animals to humans

Dangerous disease like Corona spread due to spiders in China, 7 dead, more than 60 infected. While giving this information on Wednesday, Chinese government media issued a warning about the possibility of spreading infection among humans.

In East China’s Jiangsu Province, more than 37 people have been infected with the SFTS virus in the first half of the year. The official Global Times quoted reports that 23 people were later found to be infected in Anhui province of East China.

According to experts, this disease can prove to be dangerous like corona.

According to the report, a woman from Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu, was suffering from this virus. The symptoms seen in them were fever, cough and others. The doctors found in the investigation that there was a decline of leukocyte, blood platelets in his body. However, the woman was discharged from the hospital after a month of treatment.

According to the expert doctor, the SFTS virus is not new. It was discovered in 2011 in China. Virologists believe that this infection can spread among humans. Which is possible with tick bytes. Actually, tick is a small spider-like creature. It cuts the skin very fast and starts drinking blood. It is usually found in the feathers or hair of birds or animals.

According to Sheng Jifang, a doctor of a hospital running under Zheng University, its spread from man-to-man cannot be denied. In patients, it can be spread through blood. Doctors warned that tick bites are most likely to spread. People need to be cautious not to panic.

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